A step-by-step guide for selling

your home with List house

Selling your home as an owner without having a real estate agent involved makes sense because you sell quicker and need not pay a huge sum as a commission. Effectively, you make more money. And List house helps you do it all! Here is a comprehensive guide for selling your home all by yourself, at LISTHOUSE500.

Step 1: Pricing your home

The key factor which determines whether your property sells quickly or not is its price. So how do you decide a listing price that gets you genuine buyers faster than you expect? Here are some ways you can do it.

  • Review recently sold homes with the same specifications and condition and in the same area
  • Review current active listings to know the prevailing trends in the real estate market and check competitors
  • Price the property below common search ranges to get attention of the potential buyers

Step 2: Listing & marketing your home

A majority of buyers search online for homes today. Making your property visible there ensures that you showcase it to a huge buyer base and sell quicker and at a better price. Follow these tips to get going.

  • List your property with LISTHOUSE500 for a flat fee Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and be visible to the local agents
  • Check out our various MLS listing packages and choose the one that works for your needs
  • Create amazing description for the listing and add some great pictures of the place as well

Step 3: Selling your home

Selling your home without an agent couldn’t get easier! A flat fee MLS listing with LISTHOUSE500 gives you the opportunity to reach the qualified buyers and get a good price, that too without paying commission. Here’s how you can sell.

  • Be available to show your property or use our centralized showing service, which means zero-hassles for you
  • Wait for the best offers and negotiate directly with the potential buyer to reach a price that works
  • Close the deal and get all the money for yourself, so that your home equity stays right in your pocket

Any more questions on how MLS works? We can help!

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