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How to price your house

So you want to sell your house, but aren’t sure what it’s worth. Just because you sell by owner doesn’t mean you’re on your own in determining an asking price.

When you order a flat-fee listing with us, we’ll provide a Current Market Analysis that includes the prices of comparable houses in your area that have recently sold, houses with pending deals and houses still up for sale. That will give you a good snapshot of the market and a range of where your house fits.

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As for settling on a specific price, here are some tips:

  • When you don’t have to factor a Realtor’s fat commission into your listing price, you can price your property more aggressively. That not only attracts interest and generates showings making it more likely for your house to sell quickly, but it can lead to competing offers that bump the sales price higher.
  • Maximize your search visibility by pricing your house at the transition point between two price ranges. For example, if you list your house at $199,900 then it will show up only when people search for homes under $200,000. But if you list your house at $200,000 instead, then it will appear when people search for homes up to $200,000 and on searches for homes at $200,000 and above.

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