How it Works

How it Works

Find a buyer. Negotiate a contract. Close the deal.

That’s all there is to selling a house. And with the technology at hand today it’s easier than ever.

So why pay a Realtor a big fat commission to do what you can do yourself?

Yes, you can sell your house on your own. Our clients do it every day. You just have to get your house in front of prospective buyers, and that’s where we can help. Because we’re licensed Realtors, we can get your house listed on the MLS. And we do it for a simple, flat fee that will keep your home equity in your pocket.

If you’re looking to sell your house and save thousands of dollars in the process, follow these steps:

  • Call 440-336-8161 to schedule a free consultation with ListHouse500
  • Order an MLS listing. We have three options: $500 for our basic flat-fee listing; $1,500 for our “contract-to-close” service that includes all paperwork; 5% for our contract-to-close package with professional photography and full concierge service
  • Send us 25 photos along with a description of your house for the MLS listing, and we’llsend you a residential property input form and property disclosure to fill out. You can sign the documents online and have your house on the market within 24 hours!
  • With an MLS listing, your house will get in front of thousands of prospective buyers by appearing on 200 leading web sites and top mobile apps like
  • Our licensed real estate experts will coach you through the entire process from determining a list price to usingour secure showing system to negotiating with a buyerto haggling over inspections to closing the sale at a title company

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