Showing Your House

Showing your house doesn’t have to be a hassle involving calls back and forth through a middle man. All our flat-fee listings get to use a Centralized Showing Service that’s convenient and secure.

When a prospective buyer wants to see your house, their agent will contact the service and you’ll get a phone call or text message with a request to show your house at a specific time. You can approve or decline the showing instantly from your mobile device. If you accept the showing, the buyer’s agent will get the lockbox code for entry. There’s no need for you to be home.

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How it Works

Find a buyer. Negotiate a contract. Close the deal.

That’s all there is to selling a house. And with the technology at hand today it’s easier than ever.

So why pay a Realtor a big fat commission to do what you can do yourself?

Yes, you can sell your house on your own. Our clients do it every day. You just have to get your house in front of prospective buyers, and that’s where we can help. Because we’re licensed Realtors, we can get your house listed on the MLS. And we do it for a simple, flat fee that will keep your home equity in your pocket.

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Why spend thousands of dollars while you can list your home for just a five hundred?


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1What Is The MLS?
The MLS or Multiple Listing Service refers to a large database used by real estate agents and brokers to find the available properties for qualified buyers.
2How does flat fee MLS listing work?
With a flat fee MLS listing, the seller need not pay a ‘listing commission’. Rather, it lets the owner sell as a “For Sale By Owner” instead of involving a real estate agent.
3How does the MLS make it easy to sell my home?
An MLS listing gets you more offers on the property. And you can also sell faster because this is where real estate agents look for homes on sale.
4Do I need to pay a seller's agent commission?
No, you need not! All you need to pay is a one-time flat fee for MLS Listing By Owner and you are good to go.
5Do I need to pay a buyer's agent commissions if I find my own buyer?
No, you don’t have to. No additional commissions are to be paid if you find your own buyer.